External Louvred Door

Type LD50/75/100

TEK now offers a full range of louvred and solid doors, each of which is featured on this page. These are available in a range of sizes to suit louvred screens, curtainwalling, cladding or block-work. Almost any combination of size, door gear and framing can be achieved to compliment the architectural requirements.

On the louvred doors two basic designs exist; frameless, where the architectural requirement calls for the louvre door to be hidden as part of a larger structure; or box framed where the architect wishes to express a visible frame. A choice of hinging is also available. Standard hinges are 1½ sets of stainless 100mm butts per leaf, however, top and bottom pivot hinges are available on request. Almost all proprietary door gear, door closures, handles and door suiting sets can be incorporated in to our designs as various lock box sizes and other accessories are available. These doors can be fitted with card-read sensors. The doors can also be blanked internally to provide a vapour barrier and also be thermally or acoustically treated.

Fixing Method

Type LD50/75/100 Recess Frame

Position and fix frame through the flange to the mounting surface. (Packing if required)

Type LD50/75/100 Recess Frame

Position frame and fix angle cleats to mounting surface and rear flange of frame. (Packing if required)

Type LD50/75/100 Typical Installation

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