Acoustic Doors

Acoustic Doors

TEK type AD acoustic doors provide an ideal solution to the problem where regular access is required to areas containing noisy machinery, or where noise containment of any type is necessary.

The doors are of robust construction, and available in high quality paint finishes, thus being suitable to form architectural features. Typical applications include plant rooms, test cells,
and any machinery enclosures/compounds.

The door panels are of double skin sheet steel construction (standard thickness 50mm, 75mm and 100mm), with appropriate internal stiffening. The internal surface may be perforated sheet steel.

The acoustic infill is incombustible, non hygroscopic, inorganic mineral wool. The panel is fitted with a peripheral rubber compressable seal. On higher performance doors a double seal arrangement is used.

The door is supplied complete with its own fixing frame. This consists of fully welded mild steel angle side and top members, with a removeable rolled hollow section steel threshold. On double doors a removeable centre mullion can be fitted. Fixing of the frame to the structural opening can either be through the angle frame or through extended cleats on the frame, depending on the nature of the masonry into which the fixings are being made.

Standard door furniture is heavy duty hinges and a single point heavy duty slam fastener with internal panic release. On some higher performance doors and larger multi-point heavy espagnolette type fasteners are fitted.

The doors and frames are supplied finish painted to a standard BS4800 or RAL.

The standard 50mm thick type AD50 doors have a mean sound reduction index of 38dB. Heavy duty doors type AD100 have a mean sound reduction index of 45dB.

Sound reduction index is a measure of the insulation effect corrected such that it is independent of the area of the insulation panel (in this case the door) and the acoustic quality of the room in which the noise is received.

Vibac acousic doors can be custom built to suit particular structural opening sizes.

  • Window / prtholes, double glazed with glass to suit acoustic and customer requirements
  • Door closers
  • Door stays
  • Special door locks.

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