Acoustic Products

The acoustics division of TEK was started in 1984 headed by Paul Virgo C.Eng., B.Tech., M.I.C.B.S.E., M.I.O.A.. The division includes attenuators, acoustic louvres, acoustic enclosures, screens and wall linings and anti-vibration equipment. Acoustic products of TEK have been tested through the years by Sound Research Laboratories. This continual testing has resulted in innovation in acoustic natural ventilation products. Details of all acoustic products including acoustic natural ventilation equipment are attached below.

Bend Attenuator - Type A

Attenuators Rectangular / Bend / Circular
Type R / A & B / C

The well established range of Tek rectangular attenuators is designed to give the building services industry…

Single bank acoustic louvre - Type ACL1

Acoustic / Non-Acoustic Louvre
Type ACL1 / ACL2 / ACLN

With the increasing need for quieter air conditioning systems, TEK manufacture acoustic louvres to meet the architects…

Penthouse louvre -  Type ACL1P

Multiple Section / Penthouse Acoustic Louvre

For louvre sizes 2400 x 2400 these are supplied as multi-section. For strengthening, the units are supplied…

Acoustic Louvre Door

Acoustic Louvre Doors

Doors can be supplied single or double leaf 300mm deep. Hinges are heavy duty and run the full height of the door…


Acoustic Doors
Type AD

TEK type AD acoustic doors provide an ideal solution to the problem where regular access is required to areas containing…


Acoustic Enclosures
Type AE

We produce high quality acoustic enclosures tailormade for each application. We do not have any standard sizes for…

Natural Ventilation Systems

Attenuators for Natural Ventilation Systems

Our natural ventilation units can include an attenuation section to reduce the ingress of noise from sources such as road…

Open Spring - Type OM

Open Spring Mounts
Type OM

Type OM are free standing, open coil mounts. The spring is positioned between a steel bottom load plate, bonded to…

Type SNH

Spring & Neoprene Hangers
Type SNH

Type SNH spring hangers comprise steel springs mounted in a steel housing with a neoprene insert located in the…


Neoprene Mounts
Type NM

Type NM are neoprene‐in‐ shear mounts moulded from high grade synthetic neoprene with added anti‐ozone and…

Type NP1

Rubber Isolation Pads
Type NP

Neoprene isolation pads are normally supplied ribbed in standard sizes of 465x465mm. The pads are resistant…

Type CMA

Captive Mounts
Type CM

Type CM mounts are enclosed spring mounts, comprising of plated springs secured in a neoprene sealed housing…


Restrained Spring Mounts with External Levelling
Type RME

Type RME are free standing restrained mounts with external levelling. The springs are positioned between a steel bottom…

Single Spring - Type RMI/1A/25 & RM/1/25

Restrained Spring Mounts with Internal Levelling
Type RMI

Type RMI are free standing restrained mounts with internal levelling. The springs are positioned between a steel bottom…

Neoprene Hanger - Type NH

Neoprene Hangers
Type OM

Type NH neoprene hangers comprise a rubber‐in‐shear mount located in a steel housing. The mount is moulded from…

Type SH

Spring Hangers
Type SH / SHA

Type SH spring hangers comprise steel springs mounted in a steel housing. The springs are retained between steel top…


Inertia Bases
Type TIB

An inertia base is normally required when vibrating plant is required to be isolated with high deflection mounts, typically…

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