Multiple Section & Penthouse Acoustic Louvre

Type ACL1MS &  ACL1P

Multiple Section Louvre - Type ACL1MS

For louvre sizes 2400 x 2400 these are supplied as multi-section. For strengthening, the units are supplied with framework as shown.

The support framework is first fitted to the structural opening, the louvre units are then secured by fixing into the framework.

If required we have our own team of experienced fitters who can install large louvre units. Should you require this facility then please contact the head office for details.

Penthouse Louvre - Type ACL1P

The penthouse louvre is made up of single louvre units, with the corner being fixed together by angle brackets and covered with a corner flashing.

The penthouse is supplied in sections and bolted together using M6 bolts. The base is then secured to the kerb by fixing through the base of the louvre.

When specifying your requirements please state the over kerb size. The penthouse is manufactured so that there is a 20mm overhang all the way round.

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