Circular Diffuser

Type CDG

The CDG series diffuser is designed to be used for air conditioning, ventilation, heating and cooling to premises with ceiling heights in excess of four metres.

The core is fully adjustable and can be set to provide downward discharge of warm or cool air or horizontal diffusion or an intermediate pattern. This is done by modifying the position of the inner adjustable cones, this can provide good performance for air quantities with temperature differentials up to +/- 12°C.


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Diffuser is constructed from aluminium spinnings which can therefore be incorporated by spinning into a 595mm square plate which is suitable for replacement of laying tiles.

The neck size starts at 150mmØ and go up to 500mmØ. They are suitable for either ceiling mounted or exposed mounting on ductwork.

DCG – Circular diffuser with adjustable core.

DCG-MOD – DCG diffuser specially designed to replace a 600×600 false ceiling tile.

The diffuser is constructed from aluminium and central screw from zinc coated steel.

PM – Fixing with a crossbar by means of a central screw. Suitable to install without flap damper, or with R-3G, constructed in galvanised steel.

DIRECT. – Connection into a metal duct. Suitable to install with or without flap damper.

(O) – The diffuser is fixed in place by a hidden screw. Suitable for all the series.

Polyester powder-coated in the following colours:

RAL 9006 – Silver

RAL 9010 – White

RAL – Other colours at an additional cost.

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