Fixed Vanes Swirl Diffuser

Type RXOS, Type RXOSR & Type RXOC

The RXO swirl diffusers are designed to be applied in air conditioning, ventillation and heating systems. They can be mounted in false ceilings or suspended from the ceiling itself.

The design of the vanes and their radial arrangement cause a swirl air supply with a coanda effect, which provides a high level of induction in the atmosphere and a reduction in stratification.

The sectored vanes emit a uniform passage section. The RXO series diffusers admit a flow variation of 60% keeping the air stream stable. These diffusers can be used from 2.6 up to 4 metres high and at a temperature differential up to 12°C.

Type RXOSR Sizes

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Diffuser constructed from galvanised steel. All diffusers are provided with a seal on the back of the frame so that the perimeter, in contact with the plenum box or the ceiling, is airtight.

Plenum box with a lateral circular connection for square and circular diffusers. It includes supports to hang from the ceiling. Made in galvanised steel. Plenum box is thermo-acoustically insulated with foam with coeficient thermal conductivity of 0.04 w/mk.

Foam complies with fire reaction specifications:

UNE 27-727 M2
UNE 92-501 M2
DIN 4102 M2

Connection into plenum box by central screw to hang the assembly from the ceiling with drop rods. Hidden fixing with a crossbar and central screw. Suitable for mounting in false ceiling with rectangular duct. Constructed in galvanised steel.

Polyester powder-coated in the following colours:

RAL 9010 – White

RAL – Other colours at an additional cost.

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