Louvre Face Ceiling Diffuser

Type LFD Supply & Extract

The crisp extruded lines of Tek’s all aluminium louvre faced diffusers have been designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and to integrate with both concealed tee bar and regular suspended ceiling grids, plus lay in grid mounting. The diffuser is available with either a surface mounted frame to suit plaster and other conventional ceilings, or a recessed frame for a ceiling tile replacement.

Air patterns of one, two, three or four-way cores are available and we specialise in oblong or irregular shaped units. The recommended uses of these units are for the ceiling supply and extract of conditioned or treated air in offices, schools and hospitals, shops or meeting halls etc. They are suitable for handling air change rates up to fourteen changes per hour, dependent on ceiling heights and air temperature differentials.

Square Spigots Standard Sizes

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LFDS surface mounted ceiling diffuser constructed from HE9TF aluminium extrusions. Mitred corners are mechanically jointed. Spring loaded or hinged core to facilitate installation, maintenance and commissioning.

LFDR recessed mounted ceiling diffuser constructed from HE9TF aluminium extrusions. Mitred corners argon arc welded. Spring loaded or hinged core to fa- cilitate installation and maintenance.

Standard as per performance data. Units up to 2.4 metres long are available, also continuous diffuser.

Through diffuser neck into duct spigot. Flexible duct to diffuser neck connection support brackets to ceil- ing slab. To adjust damper hinge down core.

In epoxy powder coating or polyester paints from the BS4800 or RAL range of colours. Alternative anodised finished available on request.

Opposed blade damper controller ‒ circular inlet adaptor plates ‒ sliding support brackets ‒ blanking segments to achieve 4-way appearance with 1, 2 or 3-way discharge ‒ spigot boxes with side inlets.

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