Multi-Jet Nozzle

Type KOO

The KOO multi-jet nozzles are designed to be used, in air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems at a temperature differential up to 12°C. They can be mounted in the wall or the ceiling.

The KOO multi-jet nozzles respond to different functional and architectural requirements thanks to their manually adjustable nozzles in all directions. Thanks to its long throw and flexibility of direction of the air pattern, KOO multi-jet nozzles are suitable for air diffusion in all kinds of different architectures. It provides a high induction air rate level, reducing stratification.

The KOO multi-jet nozzles represent a vanguard in design of air diffusers. Integrating the jet nozzles into the panel, the outcome is a smooth and homogenous surface, reducing the visual impact within the interior architectures.

Depending on the size of the rectangular panel, the integrated nozzles can be from 80 or 125mm.

Jet nozzles constructed from aluminium and the panel galvanised steel. The seal of rotation is made from immutable material, classified M1 and F2 as regards fire and smoke safety.

Polyester powder-coated in the following colours:

RAL 9006 – Silver,
RAL 9010 – White,
RAL – Other colours at an additional cost.

Various fixing methods have been shown on the next page. Other solutions are available, so please contact our office for specific sheets.

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