Prison Grille Supply & Extract

Type PDS

Tek prison grilles are manufactured to Home Office specifications and incorporate a choice of either 3mm thick mild steel or 3mm thick stainless steel forming the faceplate. Each faceplate has raised centres with 3.3mm holes on 5.5mm triangular centres, rounded edges and a completely smooth apperance. No visable fixings are seen from the roomside. The method of installation is generally that the grille and collar, which is welded to the rear, is introduced from the roomside.

The plenum box with a choice of spigot connections is introduced from the rear. Various configurations for plenums and grilles are available depending on the thickness of the sub-struture, and are suitable for both sidewall and ceiling applications and can be made in a large range of sizes.

The steel grilles are pre-treated and top coated with polyester epoxy powder coating to a colour of your choice and stainless steel grilles can be fitted with a choice of three finishes, matt, linished or polished.

The circular Prison Grilles are also now available and come with concealed fixings which can be concreted into the slab structure on building direction. Dampers can be fitted to these grilles and they are adjustable from the roomside via a special Alan key. The typical volume range covered by these grilles is from 30ltrs to 300ltrs.

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