Swirl Diffuser

Type AXO

The AXO series of drop in swirl diffusers are designed to be applied in air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems. They can either be cut into a lay-in grid tile or used to completely replace a 595mm or 598mm square tile. The design of this grille and its flat plate mounting generates a swirl effect on the air giving a high Coander adhesion to the ceiling. This obtains a high induction index and reduces stratification.

The individual turning vanes allow you to change the direction of importion angle and adjust the diffuser to suit varying throw requirements. These are 360°/180° opposite, or all the air going in one direction.

The Unique click and clean hinged removeable core system enables easy access through the core, without the use of tools. By pressing the spring release catches the core hinges down for easy cleaning.

Type AXO-S, AXO-SX & AXO-SY Sizes

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These units can be manufactured from either steel or aluminium and are fabricated by punching out individual slots and mounting the adjustable pattern control blade. The plenum boxes are held to the grilles by a centrally located screw and bar.

Circular units start at 150mmØ and square panels go up to 1200mm x 600mm.

Standard finish is white 9010 matt with black pattern control blades. However white pattern control blades are available at an extra 20%. Alternative standard RAL colours are available at extra charge.

We are able to offer a high capacity variation of this diffuser, which can take volumes of up to 280ltrs with 31⁄2 metre throws.

All units are suitable for hidden fixing via a screw into a hidden bar mounted inside the plenum box.

Adjustable vanes emit a uniform air flow over the ceiling. The AXO series diffusers allow a flow variation of 60% while keeping the airstream stable. These diffusers can be used at heights from 2.6 to 4 metres and at a temperature differential up to 10°C.

Diffuser made of steel sheet and sectorised deflection vanes made of injected plastic, ABS type, black. All diffusers are provided with a seal on the back of the frame in order that the joint with the ceiling is airtight.

Plenum with circular adaptors which includes supports to hang from the ceiling. Made in galvanised steel.

The plenums can be supplied with a damper, PLXO-R, or without it, PLXO-SR.

Optionally, the plenums are thermoacoustically insulated by foam, which has a coefficient thermic conductivity of 0.04 w/mk.

AXO-S -SY -SX /SR/ – Square diffuser with vanes in circular radial arrangemement.

-SY – Vanes in circular radial arrangement, inclined in relation to the centre.

-SX – Vanes in square radial arrangement, to maximise the effective area of the diffuser.

/SR/ – Reduced face area in relation to the diffuser size.

/T/ – Diffuser with angled borders, to replace an angled false ceiling tile.

-C – Circular diffuser with vanes in circular radial arrangement.

-CY – Vanes in circular radial arrangement, inclined in relation to the centre.

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