I can't access the catalogue information

You will need the acrobat reader plug-in to access the catalogue. Most computers have this software, however, you may find it is not installed on your particular machine. Go to the Adobe website at www.adobe.com or click on ‘get acrobat’ from the menu in the left hand frame. Once acrobat reader is downloaded and installed, you should be able to access the information.

Do you make your own products?

Yes, we manufacture all products in our factory in Birmingham. Our products are sold directly to the customer and therefore there is no extra cost associated with agents or intermediaries.

Do you have a representative for my area?

Our reps cover the entire United Kingdom so there will be one for your particular area. Please telephone head office for your representative.

Do you make non-standard equipment?

Many of the products we make are for bespoke applications. We manufacture a standard range of equipment in a range of sizes, however, we also have the capability to manufacture any bespoke product or individual solution to an air conditioning or acoustic problem.