Non-Vision Transfer Grilles Single & Double Cores

Type DTG/WTG Core Only

This grille has been specifically designed for mounting in a heavy duty raised access floor, suitable for computer rooms or other areas where floor supply is advantageous.

Extensive testing by independent laboratories have certified that the grille is suitable for meeting the stringent point loading and safety factor requirements for these areas. The grille is also suitable as a general replacement for 600sq floor tiles where areas of heavy foot traffic and equipment would be experienced.

These are particularly suitable for doors to staircases etc. where air transfer is desirable but fire requirements must be met.

SDO-DDO Selection Data

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Manufactured from aluminium HE9TF extrusion, non-vision chevron blades are spaced at 12.5mm centres.

For specialised light application such as darkrooms, units with ‘W’ shaped cores i.e. two cores back-to-back can be supplied. These are therefore light tight and when painted black allow no spillage of light into the area.

In 50mm increments from 100mm2 up to 1200mm2. Intermediate sizes can also be manufactured.

Standard finish is white 9010 matt. Alternative colours such as silver 9006 or other RAL colours are available at extra cost.

Screw through flange using N°6 or N°8 18mm long self tapping screws.

Where these units are fitted into walls or blockwork it is possible to supply them with extended casing to seal off the cavity.

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