Sidewall Extraction Grille

Type SEGO & Type SEGRO

A non-vision side wall extract grille suitable for use within perimeter frieze or ceiling extract systems for shops, offices, restaurants and industrial applications. This 50% free area vision-proof extract grille gives a linear appearance and can be used where eggcrate grilles, due to their see-through properties, are not desirable.

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SEGO Selection Data

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The core is mounted with horizontal angled fins mounted in aluminium HE9TF frame.

50mm increments from 100mm square up to 1200mm in one piece. The unit can be produced as a linear diffuser up to 2.5mtrs in sections and joined together using alignment keys.

Epoxy polyester powder coatings from the RAL range, base colour being white 9010 matt.

Screw through flange via N°6 or N°8 18mm long self tapping screws or concealed fixings to ductwork at the rear.

Opposed blade dampers, non-standard sizes and removable cores with provisions for disposable panel filters are also available. An alternative design of grille has also been shown with a single slatted 45°blade.

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