Sound Reducing Ventilation Grilles

Type KID

Our sound reducing ventilation grilles have been developed to be mounted in partition walls and doors in order to prevent transposition of speech or other sounds from one room to the other. By means of a highly specialised production process we are able to produce high quality grilles, made to measure and to be delivered in a short time.

Type KID/D:

Ventilation grilles made of extruded aluminium profiles, Consisting of two parts, each one having a 35mm wide edge. Both halves of the grilles have been covered with micro-acoustic material on the inside (U-shaped profiles) in order to get the best sound reduction.

The inside of the edge has been covered with acoustic foam. Standard colour is RAL 9010 or anodised (natural aluminium). Other RAL colours can be obtained as well at a small extra price. The grilles have to be mounted into a door or wall by means of screws in the 35mm edge.

Type KID/E:

Same as type KID/D, for application in partition walls, thicker than 110mm.

The grilles can be produced in any length with a maximum of 1500mm. Due to the system the height has to be a multiple of 85mm, so the range of possible heights is 85mm – 170mm – 255mm – 340mm – 425mm etc. The maximum height is 935mm.

The opening in the wall or door needs to be at least 10mm larger than the inner grille
measures (L x H; see figure on the left) of the sound reducing grille of your choice.

The surface available for airflow, is about 29% of the surface of the total grille.

The maximum sound absorption, at a minimal air resis- tance (20 Pa), will be achieved at an
airspeed of no more than 1.9m/s calculated of the grille.

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