TEK Natural ventilation passive and active stack with clear glazed roof

TEK natural ventilation stacks are available in any size and shape, square, oblong, circular etc. They allow inlet and exhaust air to pass through plus daylight to the room below. The size is dictated by the air volume, pressure drop and the available footprint on the roof to be acceptable to the planning authority. A choice of construction featuring a choice of mitred corners or removable sides

A roof option of monopitch, pyramid or barn. They can be mounted on flat or pitched roofs. Passive stacks are used in conjunction with our wall vents and large roof units can operate utilising atrium voids and be set for summer or winter ventilation.

Manufactured from HE9TF extrusion with class A louvre profiles with triple water turnbacks and a choice of birdguard or insect mesh. The units are supplied fully assembled with one piece curb and water defence system and they are supplied complete with a fixing pack. Our new highly insulated damper is fitted and electrically operated to provide the correct air volume at a given velocity.

Internal insulated ductwork and grilles with removable cores are provided when specified.

  • Choice of internal grille styles
  • Colour choice standard range of RAL colour
  • Special finishes such as anodic bronze or anodising
  • Boost fans electrically or solar powered roof or remote mounted
  • Glass or Perspex roof options
  • Removable sides and roof for servicing or cleaning
  • 3D picture plus drawings of curb size plus site photos

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