Residential ventilation

Our range of acoustic ventilation units have been specifically designed to offer solutions to overheating and acoustic issues highlighted by the AVO guide and TM59.

With more and more council planning departments demanding natural ventilation instead of mechanical options, we have designed a product to suit every residential project.

We believe that our products should be designed around your building not the other way around. By following this design philosophy, you get a product that fits correctly and also has an individual appearance.
Each unit will have the same core design elements but will then fall into of 4 product groups.

The core elements are:

Class A weather louvre
A1 rated components
Independently tested attenuator
Independently tested Cd value
Insulated and sealed aluminium casing

Each unit can be adapted to suit any window system or fit into a prepared opening in the façade.

Each unit can be fitted with an external decorative screen.
With hundreds of units already supplied on multiple projects we have the knowhow and expertise to guide you through the design process.


Residential Ventilation Unit
Type AVO1

To be used when attenuation levels of over 40db RW are required, a boost fan is fitted due to the reduced free area…

Residential Ventilation Unit AVO 02

Residential Ventilation Unit
Type AVO2

To be used when attenuation levels of under 40db RW are required and a space saving flush grille is preferred…


Residential Ventilation Unit
Type AVO3

Our most popular design. To be used when attenuation levels of under 40db RW are required…

avo 04

Residential Ventilation Unit
Type AVO4

To be used when high levels of attenuation are required in minimal space, without a fan fitted…

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