Residential Ventilation Unit

Type AVO4

For the North West Cambridge Development of approximately 8000 apartments and flats. This unique ventilation unit with patented design allows for a low ‘U’ value. A tight class leading shut off with smooth hand or electric operation, a built in fan boost and a choice of size and attenuation. The unit features an insulated revolving drum with 6 seals to prevent air and noise entering the space.

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The unit can be of any length and additional modules of 300mm wide can be added together to provide a multiple unit.

Internal attenuation cowls and a decorative grille complete the design.


  • Decorative outer cover
  • Class A weather louvre
  • Unique 300 square module with internal revolving valve
  • In line attenuator
  • Decorative internal grille hand or motorised operation
  • Internal smooth finger proof grille

External finish choice of anodised, powder coating, internal colours can be different.

Various acoustic levels open and closed can be achieved.

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