The TEK Family

First established in 1978, TEK Ltd has been providing ventilation solutions across the country for a vast range of architectural and construction assignments for a number of decades and we look forward to helping you with your latest project.

TEK Story

We originally formed selling grilles, diffusers, louvres and acoustic products. In 2010 we expanded our expertise into natural ventilation products by developing TEK Ltd’s ‘Natural Ventilation Range’, which was predominantly used in schools and hospitals during that period.

Over time, our growing sound and ventilation knowledge enabled us to design and develop our ‘Residential Range’ of ventilation products, as we saw growth in the number of residential/student type accommodations being constructed. Our range meant that buildings could be comfortably ventilated, whilst keeping the noisy outside world well and truly at bay, and most importantly, minimise potential effects on the environment.

Our years of knowledge and expertise allows us to offer our customers a broad, yet incredibly bespoke service and as a result, we are quietly confident that our expertise in ventilation is second to none. Our thirst for research and development ensures that we will continue to innovate and grow and we are excited to see where the future takes us.

Our Values

Expert – Anything that we don’t know about natural ventilation and acoustics isn’t worth knowing.

Attentive– Our personable approach towards our customers and our environmentally conscious product range demonstrates our attentive and caring nature.

Flexible – We go above and beyond to ensure we can meet the requirements of our customers. No problem is too big or too small for us.

Pioneering – We take pride in our extensive skills set which allow us to provide bespoke solutions that are entirely unique and unlike any other specification.


Corporate Social Responsibility ensures companies take accountability for the social and environmental impacts of its operations – something TEK Ltd takes this very seriously. Our whole ethos is built upon the foundation of being as environmentally conscious as possible , helping to lower emissions and our carbon footprint.

We embed our values through behaviour in our workplace, instilling them within our employees, inspiring to be the best we can be, to ensure the sustainability of our business and planet.

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