Natural Ventilation Systems

Natural Ventilation Systems

Attenuators for Natural Ventilation Systems

Our natural ventilation units can include an attenuation section to reduce the ingress of noise from sources such as road, air traffic and pedestrian including noise from playing areas.

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Acoustic performance when incorporated into ventilation units

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As independently tested by Sound Research Laboratories Ltd

The attenuators would comprise an outer skin of galvanised steel with an internal media consisting of splitters and/or linings constructed from fire retardent acoustic insulation.

In some units the insulation would be retained behind perforated or expanded galvanised steel.

The S‐type attenuators would comprise an outer skin of galvanised skin with internal insulation of fire retardent acoustic insulation.

The insulation also has excellent thermal insulation to minimise cold bridging across the unit.

Attenuators would comprise an outer skin of galvanised sheet with an internal lining of acoustic thermal insulation.

The attenuators may also contain acoustic splitters comprising rockwool acoustic insulation retained behind perforated or explanded galvanised steel.

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