Heavy Duty Floor Grille


This grille has been specifically designed for mounting in a heavy duty raised access floor, suitable for computer rooms or other areas where floor supply is advantageous.

Extensive testing by independent laboratories have certified that the grille is suitable for meeting the stringent point loading and safety factor requirements for these areas. The grille is also suitable as a general replacement for 600sq floor tiles where areas of heavy foot traffic and equipment would be experienced.

High precision tolerances mean that the units can be interchanged with any manufacturer’s tiles and, due to it’s unique construction the grilles can be supplied with varying thickness to adapt to different manufacturers’ flooring systems. Available with or without dampers and also with a range of bar thickness’ and spacings.

Effective Face Area

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Manufactured from a combination of high quality aluminium HE9TF alloys with steel fully welded rear sub-frame.

Standard units are 599mm x 599mm +0 ‒1. Smaller units with surface mounting frames for rebating into tiles can also be specified.

Standard finish is milled aluminium with black shadowline to sides. We can also offer powder coated and nylon finishes if required.

600mm x 600mm grilles are supplied without fixing and are simply dropped into the suspended floor grid and retained by the surrounding tiles.

Units suitable for finishing flush with carpet, linoleum or wooden floors can be manufactured. Also these grilles are available in stainless steel for prestige environments. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

From 200mm square through to 1m².

Standard is milled aluminium, however, most units can be polyester epoxy powder coated or supplied shadowline black (silver front) if required.

Through the surface mounted frame or bolted into ductwork.

Measuring the Veff in different points of the grille, determines the Veffmed.

Vt(1/s) =Veffmed (m/s). Aeff (mÇ) 1000
Vt(m³h) =Veffmed (m/s). Aeff (m²) 3600

Tests conducted to satisfy PSA MOB PF2 PS (JAN 1990) and IBM Property Management Design Guide for Raised Access Floors.

Passed the 25x25mm point loading test of 4.5kN over 24 hours.
Passed the 25x25mm safety load factor load test of 13.5kN for 5 minutes without collapse.
Passed impact test.
Passed 4.5kN rolling load test.

Load testing carried out by Fulmer Yarsley Ltd, Redhill, Surrey.

Sound Power Levels and Aerodynamic tests by
Sound Research Laboratories, Sudbury, Suffolk.

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