Double Deflection Grilles for Supply


The DDOV series grilles are designed to be used in air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems. They are suitable for side wall mounting or for mounting in false ceilings.

The adjustable blades can be set to provide either narrow, normal or widespread distribution of the air and can be graduated both in width and height to give the desired discharge angle and direction.

SDO-DDO Selection Data

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The frame and blades are made from extruded aluminium HE9TF, the blades from HE30. The same grille is available manufactured from galvanised steel sheet which makes them suitable for car park areas and areas requiring a greater degree of strength.

The smallest grille produced is 200mm x 100mm and rises up to 1200mm x 1200mm2.

In epoxy powder coating or polyester paints from the BS4800 or RAL range of colours. Alternative anodised finish available on request.

Fixing through the frame into a fascia or secret fixing from the sides into the plenum box or ductwork. These grilles can be supplied complete with a deflectrol which is hinged off the rear of the grille, where a number of grilles are run in one single duct.

– DDOV grilles with moveable blades parallel to the longer side and opposed to the shorter rear side.

– DDOSV grilles with moveable blades parallel to the shorter side and opposed to the longer rear side.

– DDOV Extruded aluminium grilles. Galvanised steel grilles.

All the grilles are provided with a seal on the back of the frame.

V = Opposed blades damper to regulate the air flow.

The damper is operated by an easily accessible key inside the grille. It is entirely constructed from milled

aluminium. The damper is held in place by “S” springs.

Correction Factor for Ceiling Effect Layout:

Ceiling distance < 0.8m
The factors of Al0.2 (m) are multiplied by 1.33.

The figures indicated refer to 0°position blades.

α = 0° α = 22° α = 45°

bh = 0.4 . L0.2 bh = 0.53 . L0.2 bh = 0.8 . L0.2

Lb = 0.66 . L0.2 Lb = 0.66 . L0.2 Lb = 0.66 . L0.2

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