Residential ventilation units

Type AVO1

This unit can provide both incoming and exhaust air and is fitted with a boost fan for supply or room purge, extremely high attenuation can be achieved up to 50dBa with the unit open and 60dBA when closed. Its advanced design is contained in a case only 350mm deep and can be powder coated or built in to a plasterboard casing to integrate into the room design.

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By specifying the free area requirements and the attenuation figures required when in the open and closed position along with the space available, Tek will offer a design to meet your requirements taking into account the weather rating, CD and CE values, attenuation required and aesthetics.

Type AVO1

  • Decorative outer cover
  • Class A weather louvre
  • Insulated case with glazing bead
  • Unique high performance new design of attenuator
  • New design insulated and thermally broken control system with low ‘U’ value
  • Full electric operation from a key pad anywhere in the room with LED indicators of its operation trickle setting and automatic operation of the boost fan when the unit is fully open. The controller can easily be programmed to shut the unit automatically after a pre-set period.
  • Internal smooth finger proof ventilated facia.

External finish choice of anodised, powder coating, internal colours can be contrasting to suit décor.

Various acoustic levels open and closed can be achieved

All units are fully manufactured in house

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